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Several years ago, I was involved in a Jet Ski crash that resulted in several herniated discs in my back, and left me dealing with back pain on a regular basis. I slept on a traditional spring mattress for years, and was miserable. With my recent relocation to Carson City, NV, I was in need of a new mattress, and my new friends at stepped up and helped me out. (more…)



The last few months of my life have been absolutely crazy, but I am keeping the throttle pinned and plugging through it! (more…)

SUPERCROSS: On to Number Five


The first four rounds of Supercross have been a whirlwind! This is my first year doing consecutive back to back rounds, and I am keeping the throttle pinned. (more…)

Anna interviewed for Sponsored Rider Club podcast


Anna recently hit the airwaves in an exclusive interview with Impact Fuel as a part of their Sponsored Rider Club Podcast. She opened up about her adventures in Jet Skiing and motocross and shared tips on sponsorships and social media. (more…)

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